Shouldn't your agenda do more

than just lie on the table?

Meetings aren’t about paper. They’re about collaboration, communication—

and people working together to get things done.

Introducing Smart Agenda

Smart Agenda turns the typical meeting agenda into an interactive meeting space that enhances the collaborative, productive work of team meetings and increases your organization's impact.

Organize Your Next Meeting. Faster. Better. Smarter

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Smart Agenda brings together everything in one place—your agenda, documents, attendee list, conversations, and notes. When you share a Smart Agenda meeting, your team will have everything they need in one place.

Keep Everyone

in the Loop

Smart Agenda takes the hassle out of keeping your team up-to-date. Automatically inform attendees about agenda changes or document updates. Easily keep track of invitations, reminders, and who’s coming.

Get More Done

in Less Time

Smart Agenda is loaded with features that make time spent meeting face-to-face more productive. Brainstorm, share feedback and comments, and vote on motions before, during, or after your meeting.

Get Ready for More Focused, More Collaborative Meetings

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